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I just found this and think it is a great idea.  A small label that you can print out and stick onto a bike of your choice, that catches your eye 🙂 Advertisements

I recently discovered these Danish helmets by the company Yakkay and I love them. They are delightfully stylish, yet also an incredibly simple design idea that it makes you wonder why it has not been done before. They are on sale across europe, with a few UK stockists. I discovered them on BonnieBikes , a […]

Cycle hoop


I have seen these Cyclehoops designed by anthony Lau discussed on various blogs over the last year or so and I think they rightly deserve a place here. I must admit that I really like them. I am always a fan of simple design solutions for sometimes problems that seem rather complex(secure bike parking). The hoop […]

Do You Velo?


A guy I studied with at ENSCI in Paris, Clement, posted this delightful poster for the exposition of  Do You Velo on his facebook page . And there I have it – a discovery. This company creates an interesting range of chic cycling clothing, which again have a nice blend of style and function. What do […]

I have not looked extensively at the number of possibilities for stylish cycling gear available on the market at the moment, but I have looked a little and yet, I was still excited when I saw this at 100% Design last month. It is a range developed by the company called Lost Values , which […]

Everyone is talking about bikes and their greatness. A nice bike blog feature of today can be seen on GOOD.Is. MAgazine that goes not much further than stating that they like bikes because: “Because it’s the paragon of efficiency for personal transit and a perfect machine and a work of art.”

On Your Bike…


A nice feature in the The Independant on Sunday last weekend. Definitely worth reading on…