Innovative materials and Style for cyclists


I have not looked extensively at the number of possibilities for stylish cycling gear available on the market at the moment, but I have looked a little and yet, I was still excited when I saw this at 100% Design last month. It is a range developed by the company called Lost Values , which I just recently discovered are a are a linked to/a spin off from  Distance Lab in the Scottish Highlands, which makes me even more excited. Their website states:

“Founded and Directed by designer-maker Elena Corchero, Lost Values holds the vision of innovating craft by melding it with technology and vice versa, to inspire a future where design is environmental and emotional yet smart and playful.”

You simply have to take a look at their website to see the range of the pieces that they have created. I think what I like most about these is that they are beautiful in their natural form (i.i daylight)  and yet transform to being wonderful in their protective form (i.e. at night.) This is the type of revolution and thought that enables truly beautiful yet functional and practical items to be created.



lost values

lost values

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