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Pee Wee Herman


A nice bicycle in a poster By Birks and Birks actually discovered that they are linked to this: Artcrank, a showcase of bike related posters. Great stuff.

For some people the concept of a bicycle is changing, due to the introduction of smart bicycle sharing schemes. Users of these bicycle sharing schemes see the bicycle less as a personal possession and more as a system and service, much like the metro or the bus. One viewpoint could be that the there is […]

Just for Fun


No comment, just an image that made me smile by hebegbeez on flickr.

Just discovered some design pieces by formpasch design. kai malte roever and they are great. The two items that he has designed that relate to bicycles is the PUYL and Companion . The PUYL is: PUYL is a bicycle pump and portable light combined in one device. It is the first permanent illuminating bicycle light […]

Trek launched a unique set of bicycles that were auctioned off on the 1st of November to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. In total they had 6 bikes auctioned, which were customised by Kaws, Damien Hirst, Kenny Scharf, Shephard Fairey, Marc Newson and Yoshitomo Nara. A rather dashing set of bikes. My favourite […]

Worth a quick look at this blog titled Openalex, which focuses on sustainable cities, but has one post that discusses the increase in usage and numbers of cyclists in Vancouver after the introduction of a key cycle lane.

Susan Greenway and Peter Storey posted a piece on the Guardian today titled London’s Cycling Tribes A Podcast discussing the cycling culture in London. However, not only are they podcasting it, they have started to map some people, places and their story on a google map. This may just be a quick feature, but I […]