Mapping Cycling Tribes


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Susan Greenway and Peter Storey posted a piece on the Guardian today titled London’s Cycling Tribes A Podcast discussing the cycling culture in London. However, not only are they podcasting it, they have started to map some people, places and their story on a google map.

This may just be a quick feature, but I could just imagine if it were the beginning of a study and this map could be added to and started growing it could be something really great. Imagine a map filled with bike related stories, places people hang out, great routes, but all from the peoples perspective. This exists in forms on various bike blogs and forums, but perhaps not in such a geographical manner.

The podcast is worth a wee listen and on her first stop she speaks to a female bicycle courier Emily-

She “is hooked” on the culture and thinks that she cycles on average 60 miles a day in London!

Picture 21-5Second Stop, Susan then meets Phil Moore – a racer who states his life just revolves around riding a bicycle, everything else is just a means to an end.

Third Stop, Bike Polo.

She finishes by stating

“If you open your cycling eyes a little and accept that it is not just about commuting, there is also much going on”

I think this article is a nice highlight on Bicycle subcultures, there are alot more levels to delve into than could be explored in this 12minute podcast, but it is nice to see the Guardian as every a making a wee step out to explore a little of what is off most people’s normal track.





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