Simplicity is the key


Picture 25Just discovered some design pieces by formpasch design. kai malte roever and they are great. The two items that he has designed that relate to bicycles is the PUYL and Companion .

The PUYL is:

PUYL is a bicycle pump and portable light combined in one device. It is the first permanent illuminating bicycle light which does not need a battery. This combination provides an unlimited light source and a bicycle pump for urban cyclists. The idea is based on Faraday’s law of induction. Instead of batteries, it uses electromagnetic induction. The electricity is generated by moving the compressor/ magnet through the two copper coils that are located around the inner compression tube. The light’s battery is charged while pumping. Quoted from website

I mean what an simple, yet effective idea, it combines the two functions – light and pump, yet to go one step further and uses the pumping power to provide energy for the light. It kind of makes you wonder why nobody has thought of this before.

From a biking point of view, it is clean and simple design and looks like a no fuss accessory, I like it.

The second item Companion, is a second clever contraption. Picture 24-2This tool again combines a number of functions in an elegant manner to create a beautiful little product. A nice find.


One Response to “Simplicity is the key”

  1. The best bike I’ve had is an old beach cruiser – no gears and rusty. Smoothest ride and best leg workout! Oh, and simple.

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