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Mainstream culture is adopting bicycles as the new fashion accessory, as can be seen in a host of Fashion Advertisements that have been published in the last year. They may not always promote cycling in the safest manner, but they do promote cycling to a (potentially) new audience, which is good! I am going to start […]

Ellis Gallagher regularly takes trips out to chalk up these shadows in his favourite spots around the city and I love the chalk/ bicycle themed (street) art output. I think it is a great temporary artistic expression and the fact that he likes to use a bicycle for inspiration makes me like it even more.

These Hungarian adverts to promote cycling are great fun and certainly made me chuckle. I don’t speak the language, but the second video certainly advocates that cyclists lead more exciting lives!

Sometimes an image says a thousand words and I love this idea for: a. simple private use, just for fun b. To use it for a documentary/ advert in a specific area, with a group of local cyclists involved to highlight how much space could/should be devoted to cyclists! * Rain dependant – it could […]

Bike Buddy


Bike Buddy is currently on the Refresh Everything , in competition for winning 250k to help them start the motion. I like the idea, particularly where cyclists are currently the minority. I also think the video below demonstrates it quite nicely, if not somewhat simply. In fact it reminds me a little of some groups […]