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Tweed + Cyclists  =  a definite trend in 2010! In fact, there will be a huge number of ‘tweed runs’ taking place worldwide this year and it is nice to see that Scotland will also be joining the action with the TweedEcosse. When questioning why they have become popular in what seems to be the short space […]

A recent comment about the white bicycles in Amsterdam in one of my posts started me thinking about the measurable effect that these bikes had in their time. This was quite timely, as I also read a piece in the Herald today ‘Free bike plan pits hippies against light fingered neds‘  about an initiative by […]

Now to turn the previous post on it’s head! The adverts for the Johnny Loco by the dutch agency New Message Amsterdam have used a fashion type shot to promote their bicycle. The photographs by Rene Kramers are beautiful, as are the models. The focus here is clearly not the bicycle as a sporting instrument, […]