White bikes will strike in Glasgow on the15th April


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A recent comment about the white bicycles in Amsterdam in one of my posts started me thinking about the measurable effect that these bikes had in their time. This was quite timely, as I also read a piece in the Herald today ‘Free bike plan pits hippies against light fingered neds‘  about an initiative by the NVA who plan to launch a similar scheme at the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010.

The original white bikes where a political statement which made the idea of cycling visible to the people of Amsterdam in a period where the motor car was gaining increasing popularity.  The bikes that will be available in Glasgow in April will be something similar, with only the goodwill of the NVA and the borrowers behind them, lets hope the bikes don’t disappear too quickly!

There will be a Ride Out to launch our White Bikes on Thursday 15th April. Riders will meet at the Kelvingrove Park at 11.30am.

One thing that both the ‘white bikes’ in Amsterdam and the more modern bike sharing schemes have been successful in creating is a new public awareness, even if it is not all positive! The fact is they are getting many more people using and thinking about bikes as a mode of transport. Glasgow is still needing a big boost in cycling infrastructure, so perhaps this initiative will get just a few more people cycling in the streets of Glasgow and help to open up the eyes of the people who can make a difference (much like the white bikes did in Amsterdam over 40 years ago!)


2 Responses to “White bikes will strike in Glasgow on the15th April”

  1. 1 NVA

    Hello hazler,

    Thanks for the great little write-up. I’m glad people are taking interest in our scheme!

    I just wanted to let you know we have linked to this article through our facebook page ( http://bit.ly/WhiteBikesFacebook ). Feel free to join the page for news and other updates on White Bikes and our imminent Ride Out.



  2. 2 hazler

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your comment and your link to my blog. Unfortunately I have not been in Scotland this week, so have missed the ride out.

    However, I will definitely be following the progress, I hope you git a nice sunny day for it!



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