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Tweed + Cyclists  =  a definite trend in 2010! In fact, there will be a huge number of ‘tweed runs’ taking place worldwide this year and it is nice to see that Scotland will also be joining the action with the TweedEcosse.

When questioning why they have become popular in what seems to be the short space of a year… perhaps because it all looks like jolly good fun!

There are thousands of bike rides that take place each year, so getting people that want to cycle together obviously isn’t a problem. However, what seems to be nice about these rides is that there is a nice bit of old fashioned chivalry, some style and just a bit of  a break from the norm. I like the description in the bike for all website, quite simply a ‘Social bicycle ride’

London and Edinburgh are the only two tweed rides I have seen advertised in the UK this year.  The London Tweed Run being the first event of 2009, it seems to have started the trend. (Photos from last years event can be seen here.)

However, there is an impressive amount of tweed being shown worldwide, with bike rides taking place in Portland, Pittsburgh, Mineapolis, Kansas City, Los Angelas, Sacramento, San FranciscoSydneyEugene,Long BeachVancouverBuffalo, MemphisNew York and more.  A great resource for looking the majority of the tweed runs taking place this year is the Riding Pretty Blogspot.

A search of Tweed Ride on flickr brings a myriad of fantastic images that certainly make me ask why not?!

In fact, what stands out when looking at many of the posters, websites and flickr pages for the tweed rides, is that the graphic design styles used are also very much from ‘days gone by’, which adds a nice element to the whole promotion of the event. The Portland ride has been and gone and I must say their poster is quite delightful!


3 Responses to “TweedTastic”

  1. 1 hazler

    The Guardian have just posted some fun pictures from the tweed run in London and it looks immense!

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