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As  a cyclist it is sometimes easy to forget how invisible you are to the passing cars when the skies get dark or the rain comes tumbling down. However, one of the critical things that a cyclist needs to be safe when cycling is to be visible. Luckily, there is a growing number of innovative […]

I was lucky to see Mark Beaumont speaking in Dundee last week, when he discussed his incredible travels during  ‘The Man Who Cycled The World‘ and ‘Cycling the Americas’. In 2007/2008 Mark raced 18,296 miles around the world in 194 days 17 hours although he admits that he had never ridden in a race when […]

If you own a bike and ride it regularly, you are bound to have more than one spare inner tube kicking around the house. I know I do, even the other night I started fixing two punctures, to discover I actually had an impressive pattern of small holes caused by a small pin and had […]



Just a simple post of appreciation for this bicycle poster. It doesn’t say too much and it doesn’t need to. It is by Eleanor Grosch and is part of Poster Caberet’s 2010 Bicycle Print Set and I really like it.

Two bicycle commuters, Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler, from South Africa started a project only earlier this year titled Bicycle Portraits. However, they already have a stunning set of photographs and are starting to build a picture of who the people are that ride bicycles in South Africa and answer the question of why so […]

Some people are passionate about art, some people love to create designs and some people just like to ride their bicycles. However, it seems that some people like to do all three and that’s good, as that is when things like the ArtCrank collaborative exhibitions are created. I discovered these last November when I found a […]

Bike Hero


This clever Bike Hero video displays some fun LEDs and a Guitar Hero inspired track in the real world. I love the colourful route through the city and it makes me think about how you could design bike lanes to be more fun for the participants, (obviously getting bog standard bike lanes in some cities is […]