Bicycle Bistros


Look Mum, No Hands is a new bicycle cafe that has recently opened in London. I have not seen it in the ‘real’ yet, but it looks to be nice and big and welcomes all types of cyclists. It also has a bike workshop if you should need it. I like . In fact ‘bicycle cafes’ seem to be a growing trend in London…

The concept of a bicycle cafe reminds me of a place I used to visit in Paris called Velo et Chocolat. Quite simply the owner stated that he wanted to mix his two passions: Bikes + Chocolate.  The result is possibly the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted and some nice bikes to look at or a very knowledgeable and friendly guy to chat to about bikes if you so require it. Based on the quai de seine it is a great little place.

So having found these two examples, I decided to see what else there is out there and once you find one thing in London, it is rare not to find another! To testify that ‘Bike bistros’ are a growing trend in the capital The Guardian are talking about it and Time out are also in on the action. So here is a selection that I have found in the UK and beyond

  • Towpath Cafe which is based in a perfect location in London for commuters as you can see from this video.
  • Foffa bikes where you can watch your bike being built by scratch, if you drink coffee for long enough. Amazing looking bikes, enough to make anyone want to sit for at least a little while just oggle the brightly coloured fixies.Great!
  • Lock7 located at the junction of three cycle lanes in Hackney, London. They sell second hand bikes, repair and hire items and sell falafel which is good enough for me. Oh and Copenhagenize have a nice feature on it.

Outside London

  • Mugdock Cafe in Bristol is a combined cafe and cycleworks.
  • OTB Bicycle Cafe a real bicycle joint in Pittsburgh which states they sell ‘beers, bikes and real good food’. They have created many features using bicycle parts and use bikes as a theme for both their food and their specials.
  • The Mojo Cafe in San Francisco is a nice looking cafe and bike shop combined. They advertise that you can ‘ ride in – hang out – get your fix – ride on’ and it looks like it welcomes all. Nice

Look Mum, No Hands: 49 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX

Velo et Chocolat : 77 quai de Seine, 75019 Paris

Via The Real Cycling Blog

First Image from Webponce on Flickr

Second image in Velo et Chocolat


5 Responses to “Bicycle Bistros”

  1. 1 hazler

    The Guardian wrote another interesting feature on cycling and cakes – Take a look here

  2. 2 hazler

    And a really interesting article about developing coffee culture trends on’The Pop Up City’ blog

    They discuss how:

    “Applying this coffee bar formula means creating a more profound connection with the customers. One creates a community around a brand or service with specific lifestyle components in it, instead of offering a single run away service.”

    They actually talk about a place in Munich called Wash & Coffee just opening… (laundrette & coffee) But I actually remember a place Cologne when I was living there in 2005 – ‘Cleanicum’ worked on the same principle – although with a slightly more amusing name for their Bar, laundrette, wi fi and a random large double bed!

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