Art Crank – A poster party for bike people


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Some people are passionate about art, some people love to create designs and some people just like to ride their bicycles. However, it seems that some people like to do all three and that’s good, as that is when things like the ArtCrank collaborative exhibitions are created. I discovered these last November when I found a collection of great posters, but I just saw that the LondonCyclist has been talking to the organisers and they are now planning a show in London for this year and are currently looking for submissions.

bike, art, art crank, graphic, design, poster, cycling

I have had a look through their previous show’s photo reel on Flickr and there has been some great work submitted for previous shows. So I am eager to see when and where this event will be and hopefully see what the artwork turns out like. If I have some time I might even submit something myself.

So if you are interested in submitting something or know somebody that would be you should contact along with a sample of previous work (bike-related or not). The deadline for this is June 7th 2010.

First Image – Art Crank Poster

Second Image- BrianaAuel – HeartsMinds

+ LondonCyclist

2 Responses to “Art Crank – A poster party for bike people”

  1. Thank you for the great post on ARTCRANK and the London show. Very excited about it myself.

    Artists who are interested in doing a poster for the show should get in touch with the organizers via:

    See you this fall.
    – cky

  2. 2 hazler

    Ah you are very welcome! oh I’l change the email address in the post also 🙂

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