South African Bicycle Portraits


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Two bicycle commuters, Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler, from South Africa started a project only earlier this year titled Bicycle Portraits. However, they already have a stunning set of photographs and are starting to build a picture of who the people are that ride bicycles in South Africa and answer the question of why so few people choose a bicycle as a form of transport. They will be compiling this into what looks set to be a fantastic photographic book, which will tell an eye opening story into the South African (bicycle) culture. There is also a nice little video on vimeo which is worth watching too.

Via Copenhagenized and Riding Pretty


3 Responses to “South African Bicycle Portraits”

  1. 1 KJ

    Really like this, such an original idea and the portraits are perfect. Different types of people with their personalities shown through their bikes.

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