Meeting the Man Who Cycled the World


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I was lucky to see Mark Beaumont speaking in Dundee last week, when he discussed his incredible travels during  ‘The Man Who Cycled The World and ‘Cycling the Americas’.

In 2007/2008 Mark raced 18,296 miles around the world in 194 days 17 hours although he admits that he had never ridden in a race when he first decided to do this challenge! Mark also recorded his journey for a BBC1 documentary despite having little experience of filming, “I’d never held a camera before, but I thought that I had a story and I wanted to share it!” He then went on to write a book despite “having never written more than a few thousand-word essays at university” and last year Mark traveled from Alaska to Southern Argentina, stopping in between to climb Mt McKinley and Anconcagua, although he stated in his talk that he had to learn to be a mountaineer especially for this trip. “I would have time to learn to be a mountaineer. For somebody who had never climbed before it was a very steep learning curve.”

His initial lack of experience in certain areas did not deter Mark from working incredibly hard to achieve his goals and coming away from his talk I was struck even more by his ‘Can Do’ attitude. In his case that includes the 100+ miles he rode per day on his world trip, but also the hard work that went into the preparation, the gaining of sponsors and funds and convincing the BBC that it was a worthwhile project.  Sometimes people think that people that manage to combine a personal passion with their work have ‘landed on their feet’ and this is true, but I have rarely met anybody whom has truly achieved their goals, without them working very hard to get there.

If you haven’t seen his documentaries or read his book, you should.  

This is Mark signing my book, which he informed me is a first edition. Nice. Definitely worth the £5 for a ticket and good to know that all the funds raised go towards the Rainforest Conservation Expedition 2010.


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