The Sky is the Limit


British Cycling, research, Glasgow, Skyride, 2010

Love Cycling and Love the Skyride was the general consensus from most people I saw or spoke to on Sunday at the Skyride in Glasgow.  I made it along in the afternoon; after a nice brunch, managing to borrow a nice bike for the day, fixing a puncture on said borrowed bike and picking up a nice neon vest… I had a good wee ride. I think we missed the main rush of the day, but there was still a good number of people out and it was really great to see so many bikes taking over the roads of Glasgow. When I lived in Paris, I loved it when they shut the roads next to the seine on Sundays and opened it up to cyclists, walkers and skaters! It now looks like they may close these roads to cars permanently and if they can do this in Paris, A traffic Capital,  just think what they could do in Glasgow!

Glasgow, Skyride, scotland, Cyclcing, Children, people

To see some more pictures from the day – follow to full post

It was also great to see so many children at the Skyride, as families were out in force. One of the guys I spoke to said he saw a group of about 50 kids out taking part and we also saw the BikeClub girls at a stand at Glasgow Green. (BikeClub looks like a great little initiative taking place nationally.)

Enjoying the Space of the road on a stylish pink bike!

Trying out the Vest and Helmet for Size.

Cyclists Passing under the Bridge at Central Station.

Cycling through the Park

A group waiting together to cross the road.


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