When a Bicycle Needs a Sweater


Image: Apotheke Lab

I woke up this morning and looked out the window to see that all the snow that arrived last Sunday is still here! Then I remembered about this great wee knit/crochet installation that was spotted on a Bicycle in New York in July. What a way to warm your bicycle up! I guess that it was inspired by the knit street art installations, which may be more commonly known as Yarn Bombing or Knitta and really do brighten up the streets.

After a quick Google search I realised that crochet and Knit are reasonably popular ways to customise your bike and I also discovered the ‘Sweater Bike’ of another artist Jane Morton: great stuff! Am I sad for thinking that it could actually prove to be a popular product? Or does that take the individuality away from it? Perhaps you could have a granny bike crochet service, where a group of wee grannies knit or crochet a wee cover for your bikes depending on your individual preferences… Or if you fancy having a go yourself, I found a basic pattern to download on the appropriately named dutch blog: Dutch Blue.

Although, if you keep on reading you will see what happens when you leave it out in the cold for too long 🙂

The bike above was spotted on Crushable and it looks like the crochet on this one is starting to wear a bit thin

+ Crushable

+ Apotheke Lab

+ Jane Morton

+ Dutch Blue

+ Yarn Bombing


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