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“See how he uses a spanner to tighten that nut!” I recently took part in a fantastic event called the Global Service Jam where alot of designers (+ other people) were working worldwide for one weekend, simply to see what they could do if they all rubbed their heads together a little bit. The theme […]

The sun has finally come out in Scotland and I hope it lasts.  I joined some friends on a cycle through a forrest track out to the beach last weekend and we made the ride a bit more fun by adding a very OLD ghetto blaster to the back of the bikes. Our tape collection […]

Many ‘keen’ cyclists and even many non ‘keen’ cyclists have more than one bike in their shed: it could be the one you have had since you were young & have grown out of… it could be the one you thought was beyond repair or perhaps even the one you bought on a whim. I […]

The Japanese studio Store Muu have a fun bike/table design that I have blogged about over on Inhabitat so take a look over there for more details on this exciting design.