Bicycle Repairman = Superman ?


“See how he uses a spanner to tighten that nut!”

I recently took part in a fantastic event called the Global Service Jam where alot of designers (+ other people) were working worldwide for one weekend, simply to see what they could do if they all rubbed their heads together a little bit. The theme of the weekend was Superheroes and there was a really fun range of projects that were developed on this theme over the weekend. That is a little off topic – but I did get reminded about it after seeing this fun Monty Python video again about the Bicycle Repairman: he lives in a community of superheroes – but none quite as clever as him… as he can repair bikes!

Now, I don’t think that anyone developed a project with a bike repairman at the Service Jam, but it could have been a fun service idea. In fact, I think it would be fantastic if you have broken down in some way on your bicycle and you can’t fix it yourself, if you could just give someone a call and they would come and do their magic. I guess pretty much the AA for bicycles.

So does it exist? Yes! I found one….

in Copenhagen – see the video below

And one in the Netherlands called Giovanni Putzi  – the Mobiele Fietsenmaker

The key differences is the Danish repairman uses a bike as his method of transport and the Dutch repairman uses a small van. But they are both happy to visit peoples workplace and homes to fix their bicycles.

I also just remembered about this photo that I took in Berlin one summer. Now it is just an advertisement for a rent a bike service, but it kinda looks like it could be the premise for a a fun mobile repair service as well.

bike repair man, mobile, fietsenmaker,

video via Biketastic

Image of Giovanni Putzi from Creative Communities publication

Image 2 – Copyright to Hazler (moi)


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