My Bike Transformation


I guess the thing I always liked about design was the idea of transformation: to change something, in order to make it better. Recently that something became my old bicycle, as I decided it desperately needed a mini transformation into something more stylish and less prone to punctures. My old bicycle is a fairly basic Raleigh bike and I have since bought a new one with my first ‘proper job’ wage packet. However, I couldn’t bear to get rid of this one:  as I  bought it whilst studying in Paris and it also amazingly took me on my wee European Cycling trip across France, The Netherlands and Germany (and back again). Although thinking about that trip now I am sometimes amazed that it hasn’t packed in on me before now.

So yes the transformation has been fun… some parts more than others. I had already painted it before about 4 years ago, but had done a pretty quick and nasty job. So this time I thought I would do it a little more properly. So I stripped all the paint off, which was kinda therapeutic… becoming just a little bit of a pain nearer the end. Then I started the respray. Simple black, with a turquoise (my favourite colour) stripe. So yes, fairly happy with it so far and there are  just a few little tell tale signs that I am an amateur sprayer!

So yes now I just have to try and put it all together: I’m hoping that all the bits I took off (and one or two new bits) will go back on! Sounds like a good job for a Sunday – i.e. tomorrow. As I would really like to get it up and running for the tweed ride next Sunday – hmm that would be great. fingers crossed.

4 Responses to “My Bike Transformation”

  1. 1 hazler

    ** Update – the bike is now finished** woop and I took it on its first trial run tonight (after a bootcamp session) and it still felt great. SO nice to ride it again.

  2. Good effort! I’m super impressed – maybe you can teach me how to pimp my Raleigh Transit ride. I took it for a brake replacement yesterday and the man in the bike shop greeted me with “COR! That is a old bike, it’s a Transit! My girlfriend had one of those in the eighties!” Cue a little heartfelt moment.

  3. hey, am thinking of spraying my bike, how did you go about it and do you have any tips? elaine

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