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Following on from my previous post about glowing in the dark, I also discovered this video. The bike lights here are a little more wacky, but fun and I think even a little festive. So I thought I would share the jolly Bright Bikes. Advertisements

My blog stats have been going crazy for the last few days with people searching for ‘glow in the dark bikes’. The people who have been lucky enough to visit my blog have been able to read about ‘glowing in the dark’ and the ‘shine a light on me competition’… However, I don’t think this has […]

Sometimes people at work really surprise you and unearth something you didn’t know existed before, you just have to take the time to talk. The other day I had a meeting with one of my colleagues about a project we are working on and he shared with me a little of his families history and […]

This cheery little (well actually reasonably sized) painting greets you as you enter my parents house. I was back visiting this weekend, and it reminded me of how these cheeky cyclists never fail to make me smile. So I thought I would share it and perhaps let it make some other people smile too. We don’t actually […]

Cyclists come in lots of different shapes, sizes and styles and normally I would be the last person to label them. However, as a follow up to my post about Woman Wheelers and some more random Tweets, where I suggested a possible male alternative as #manlymovers. A number of other suggestions arose – these suggestions play a pretty […]

“Bring me Sunshine, in your eyes, Bring me rainbows, from the skies” The skies were bright blue early yesterday morning, but after fixing a puncture and doing a few other things  – I didn’t end up getting out until later in the day. The blue skies where still bright when I left, then they turned […]

Cyclists and Cake go pretty well together. Add to that a dash of great coffee and you have a recipe for good things = high energy and happy people. [Tonight two things led me to making the cakes seen in the picture above: 1. I took a look at the search terms leading to my […]