Getting lost will help you find yourself – The Holstee Manifesto


holstee, this is your life

The Holstee Manifesto has always been a favourite of mine. It inspires you with a sense of empowerment, and I love that reading great words and letting your mind transform them into great ideas allows you to feel that. It is a message that not only inspires and excites me, it does exactly the same to many other people as they state on their website that it is a “message that has since been shared over 500,000 times and viewed over 60 million times online”.

Holstee states that: “Above all else, it has confirmed for us that with genuine positive intentions, anything is possible.” I like that. I’ve always thought that nothing is impossible, it’s probably not easy, it probably won’t come quickly, but it’s probably not impossible. Probably.

So I was obviously delighted to find that Holstee have now transformed their words into a video and it features lots of lovely bicycles. A definite treat for anyone who likes a bike and who likes to dream, to think and to do.

So then after watching the video, it made me wonder if – has anyone written such a short and snappy manifesto about riding bikes?  I am certain there will be manifestos out there, but are there any that capture the imagination and ignite a sense of empowerment as these words do?

Via Sweet Georgia Brown 


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