3Cs = Cakes + Cycling + Coffee


cake, cyclists, baking, gateau

Cyclists and Cake go pretty well together. Add to that a dash of great coffee and you have a recipe for good things = high energy and happy people.

[Tonight two things led me to making the cakes seen in the picture above: 1. I took a look at the search terms leading to my blog this week and one of them was cycling cakes (although having since googled it myself I don’t know how they ended up here, as there are hundred of results for cycling cakes). 2. My friend asked to pop over to get her cake tin back, but I was out at the time so instead I invited her over to drink some wine and bake some cakes. So the result was lots of cakes. All cakes contained carrots. Mine had carrots, courgette, a hint of lemon + a little bit of spice. Whilst my friend Lara’s had carrots, orange and chocolate. Both were definitely a success and could definitely give any cyclist a boost.]

So back to topic = Cyclists and cake. After a quick Google search it is clear to see that I am not the only cyclist with cakes on the mind. In fact, there are many…

One of my favourite discoveries has been the blog titled Patisserie Cyclisme – it looks great. Essentially providing a platform for cyclists to discuss great cafes they have visited whilst out riding, it looks like it could grown into a great resource for cyclists who have a fundamental appreciation of the 3Cs.

Next fun find was a Bikeminded Cake and Coffee cruises for cyclists that take place in London, the idea being that again people get the chance to appreciate the 3Cs and do it in style by the looks of it.

I also spotted over on City Cycling Edinburgh there is a short post that starts with the discussion of cakes & moves onto the discussion of opening a cycling cakerie in the city. I think it is a great idea and I have to admit that it//something similar has flipped through my mind a few times before also… I think ever since meeting the man behind Velo et Chocolat.

[so yes very happy that tomorrow my cake will be accompanying me out on the road, to perk me up when I use up all my energy. However, if I don’t share it a little I may have to cycle a whole lot more to work it off! ]

I think this is a topic I could revisit another time… Yum.


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