#womanwheelers and #manlymovers get the cyclist name game rolling


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Cyclists come in lots of different shapes, sizes and styles and normally I would be the last person to label them. However, as a follow up to my post about Woman Wheelers and some more random Tweets, where I suggested a possible male alternative as #manlymovers. A number of other suggestions arose – these suggestions play a pretty simple word game of mix and match – namely mix a term for a lady or gentleman and match it with some bike related term. I may be pretty easily amused, but I  thought these were too fun to be left as a fleeting tweets and they have potential for something… not sure what?!! So I have written them up below for future reference and sketched* one of them quickly into a image above.

For the males we have:

So yes, there we go – a little bit of random fun with words.
*I am no illustrator and as I have said before I don’t frequent in drawing bicyclettes. However, this was kinda fun, so if I get another quiet sunday evening again sometime – who knows maybe I will try another one.

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