Surprises at Work: Sarah Halliday’s Impressive Cycling Paintings


The Big Sprint

Sometimes people at work really surprise you and unearth something you didn’t know existed before, you just have to take the time to talk. The other day I had a meeting with one of my colleagues about a project we are working on and he shared with me a little of his families history and how his sister had competed in the Olympics a few years ago and his dad had been a medal winning runner. Although he may not compete at this level, he is one of the most passionate people I know in our company that advocates the true benefits of being active and truly spreads this passion with everyone he meets. So now I guess I understand why this is a little more.

Another great surprise was discovering that another of my colleagues, Sarah Halliday,  is also a very talented artist and created the paintings that I have added to this blog post.  What I love about her art is that she combines her passion for cycling and painting, I think the results are stunning and definitely worth sharing. Sarah is a self taught artist and discovered her passion for painting whilst living in the south of France and participating in the cyclosportive circuit. I like the way she describes her work as stated below:

“I was struck by the spectical and drama of bike races. I am not looking at creating a portrait of a cyclist but to capture the essence of the race itself: the moment of a sprint, the effort and/or suffering of a rider, or just the sheer vastness of the terrain he has to conquer.”

art, cycling, sportives, pro racing, painting, sarah halliday,

sarah halliday, art, design, cycling, bikes, racing

Take a look at Sarah’s Website for more details. They could even make a great last minute christmas present for the cyclist in your life.


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