Glow in the dark bikes


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My blog stats have been going crazy for the last few days with people searching for ‘glow in the dark bikes’. The people who have been lucky enough to visit my blog have been able to read about ‘glowing in the dark’ and the ‘shine a light on me competition’… However, I don’t think this has been the aim of these searches and the sudden spike led me to question what they are looking for and have I missed something in the glowing bicycle world? So I did a Google search and the first items that I came across, are items that I have seen before such as the Puma bike and the Cambridge bike. However, after a little more digging it seems that the cause for the commotion has been due to a recent Blackberry Curve advert, which according to the ‘Two Wheelin’ Tempe’ blog is not yet available online, but is very similar to the Blackberry Bold video below.

I must admit that I am not really a Blackberry girl, but the glowing bikes in this short and sweet advert are pretty cool and they make me think that designing for lighting up cyclists still has plenty of room to evolve in new and exciting ways. Looking forward to see the new advert too… so will need to keep an eye out for it.

6 Responses to “Glow in the dark bikes”

  1. Thanks for your attribution to Two-Wheelin’ Tempe. I think you misspelled Tempe. It’s all good. I see we wrote about similar topics, I think the video is probably more popular than BlackBerry is lately.

    • 2 hazler

      you are very welcome Lauren – a nice bike blog that you have there too 🙂

      ( I have now fixed the tempo-tempe typo! )

  2. 3 Cory Bennett

    Hey –

    My name is Cory Bennett. I’m a grad student at Columbia’s journalism school. I’m looking into a potential story on glow-in-the-dark bikes, neon bikes, and just night biking in general and came across your post. I thought you might have some insight on the issue.

    Any chance you’d be able to chat over the phone some time early this week?

    Please let me know if you have any questions and feel free to email — — or call — 773-206-1858.


    • 4 hazler

      Hi Cory.
      Yep, I would be happy to help. Perhaps it is easiest to skype? As I am based in the UK. I will pop you an email tomorrow – Although I think I would be available to call/skype on Wednesday if thats not to late for you?
      Regards, Hazel

  3. 5 Cory Bennett

    Hi Hazel,

    Happy to Skype and thanks for the reply. Don’t know how I missed your post. I’m free all day today, but if it doesn’t work for you, let’s set something up for Thursday or Friday.


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