In 2012 I Want To…


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My 2012 to do list. I have not gone too crazy with it, but have chosen a few key things that I think will make me happy if I achieve them. So it may be the end of January, but that still leaves me plenty of time to get working on them and in fact I have already started on some of them.

Challenge myself more: in work… in play… in general…

It is not that I feel that I don’t always challenge myself at the moment. BUT I do think there is always room for more and there are certain things that I would like to focus on in particular:

In Play (and most relevant to this blog) 

1. Ride my bicycle faster and further (and get less punctures). As this blog probably displays: I like bicycles. I can’t quite always explain the sense of freedom that I feel when I ride them, but it is a good feeling and it always makes me happy. However, I would like to challenge myself this year to cycle faster and further, not because I have to, but because I want to.

2. Take a cycle tour of parts of Scotland I have never visited. Considering that I am Scottish and do regularly explore Scotland by bike within my local vicinity. There is in fact a whole lot more of this small isle that I have not seen, so I plan to take a tour this summer to some of places further north and even those separated by some patches of sea (for which I will ask the aid of some boats) in order to have a fun & challenging summer break.

3. Discover more places I have never seen before. This resolution fits to cycling, but is not exclusive to it. I recently returned (last night) from a skiing holiday and I am somewhat still in awe of the last week of discovery… of pushing myself to new limits and seeing truly breathtaking views over mountains and beyond. It is easy to sometimes stick to routine or revisit favourite spots. But it is also important to discover new things and I want to do more of this in 2012.

In General/ In Work

From the final items that I have sketched in the image, they fit into either of these two topics…

4. Build and make a proper work space (that is colourful and inspiring)  For my main job, I have a good working office space and I truly feel the benefits of having this dedicated working space. However, as I am increasingly doing or trying to do more additional/personal ‘work’ from home I feel the need to develop my working space more. I have started collecting pieces in order to build a desk and have made a mood board for a ‘cabinet of wonder’*. So my plan this year is to actually finish buildling these and make a more productive working space at home.

5. Write more for the blogs that inspire me. Outside of my normal working hours, I also enjoy writing/ blogging.  I enjoy writing this personal blog, as it gives me a chance to write quite freely. However, I am lucky enough to also be able to write for Inhabitat  and I should soon be starting to write for Creative Dundee. So one of my aims for this year, is to plan my time more effectively in order to be able to write some good posts for these varying blogs. So yes, this week I will start planning some of my ‘free’ time and to ensure there are some regular writing slots in there.

6. Write REAL letters to old friends. As much as I love and see the benefits of social media… Facebook for keeping in touch with friends that have flown to various places around the globe (or even those who just live round the block), Twitter for keeping up to date with great links and news and Flickr for inspiring Photos from chums and others. I do sometimes find it all a bit transient. I feel that that what is said one day on Twitter is gone the next and what is written on a Facebook wall can easily disappear. I used to love writing friends letters. I would often write pages and pages and save them all up, then send them a bundle. I may not do this again, but I do plan to write more REAL letters this year. Whether it be quick postcards, longer updates or simple hellos. (As I hope that I might also then receive more in return and get more exciting things through my letter box).

7. Sketch, Scribble, Doodle and Draw more of the ideas I have in my head. I sometimes come up with flashes of inspiration for various projects at different times and unless I record these in some way…  my memory can sometimes play a catchphrase type game with me and I have to fill in the blanks. So I just want to spend more time doodling or drawing when ideas hit and then rekindling them later.

Ok I think that is enough for now. I do have a few more. But I will keep them offline for now. Will check back here in a year and see how I did. Oh and here is a fun last one in the image below.

*Cabinet of wonder is a concept I started on a little while ago. I made the mood board below for it and I still am working on sourcing items to build it all. Definite 2012 project.


2 Responses to “In 2012 I Want To…”

  1. 1 Kim

    Would you like some suggestions of place to visit? Here are a few… 😉

    • 2 hazler

      wow kim – thanks for the suggestions! (and sorry for the late reply).
      I am going to explore them a little more now. As I have set aside tonight to start planning two summer trips, (hopefully) one in Scotland and one that combines visiting friends in Switzerland and France. 🙂

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