Are You Ready To Pedal On Parliament?


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Saturday the 28th of April is a date that any type of Scottish cyclist should have in their diary. As if you like to ride your bike – be it once a day, once a week, once a month or even once a year, then this is your chance to show that you would like your riding to be SAFER, EASIER and MORE FUN. All you have to do to is pop in to Edinburgh for a wee cycle – it really is that easy.

As next Saturday Scottish cyclists will be turning some wheels at Pedal on Parliament in Edinburgh and on the same day, some southerners will be cycling together in The Big Ride in London.  Everyone is welcome and as they state on the POP28 website: 

“Young and old, keen commuter or weekend pedaller, fit or not – you don’t even need to be on a bike. You just need to show up and add your voice to help make Scotland safe for cycling.”

The small group who have been promoting this grassroots campaign have done a great job at spreading the word with fantastic posters and a big social media presence. They have been successful in gaining some great media coverage and political responses and they have even managed to catch the attention and support of the inspiring Scottish cyclists Graham Obree, Mark Beaumont and Chris Hoy.
So if you would like to show your support, you should definitely do some or all of the following this week:
  1.  Head over to their website to read their impressive manifesto
  2. Sign the petition
  3. Look out your bike
  4. Make sure you are at the meadows in Edinburgh before 3.00pm next Saturday the 28th April.
I just took a look at the petition map which shows where all the supporting cyclists reside. It is great to see that cyclists from across the Scotland have been making their mark. Edinburgh is leading the way here, So I think Glasgow has some work to do to catch up and as Dundee is even further behind – they definitely need a wee final push. I am based in Dundee and know that there are certainly more than 17 people who like to ride their bikes in this sunny wee city. So I will try to make use of this final week to spread the word a little more.

pedal on parliament, pop28, edinburgh, glasgow, scotland, dundee, 2012, cycling, safe cycling

I believe that to make a real change to cycling cultures in Scotland and make it a form of transport for the masses, that better infrastructure is needed. As people need to believe that cycling is safe. So cycling needs to be recognised as something that is as safe as walking down the street and not just something that ‘cyclists’ can do, but something that anyone can do. I think the POP28 manifesto clearly outlines some of the investment and action that is needed to make this happen.

pedal on parliament, scottish cycling, edinburgh, 2012,

I am currently reading The Tipping Point, where Gladwell discusses defining moments and a cumulation of actions that lead to epidemics spreading and trends going viral. I have only just started the book, but Gladwell defines the tipping point as being “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” I can’t help but  hope that this ride next week and all the other things it represents, will start to redistribute the balance of awareness of cycling in Scotland a little and help push us a little closer to the tipping point and safer cycling for all.

+ Pedal on Parliament 

+ Magnificent Octopus 

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