Snapshots of The Harris Tweed Ride in Glasgow 2012


I made a special effort* to join the Harris Tweed Ride this year and I am glad I did. The sun shone, the people pedaled, the banter rolled and I had a positively glorious day out as I slowly drifted through Glasgow amongst this tweedy mass. I tried to take a few snapshots, with no real plan, other than to capture some of the sunny blue skies and fabulously dapper ladies and gents who had turned out for the ride.

So after returning from a holiday yesterday to a slightly broken house*, I felt the need to make something positive in order to brighten my mood and cobbled* together this video. Enjoy. The Harris Tweed Ride really is a special event, but as ever, one of the most enjoyable things is regaining the roads a little with a friendly bunch of cyclists.

A big thanks have to go to the organisers – who really do ensure that we tweedsters are treated delightfully well all day. The event started and finished at the Blythswood Square, although we visited a number of other fine eateries during the day. Towards the evening, the bikes were locked away and we all enjoyed the hospitality of the Blythswood and even managed to have a wee dance. Great stuff.

The official, and much more professional, video was also launched today and can be seen below. So enjoy and be sure to look out for this event next year.

Have a wee read here about last years Harris Tweed Ride.

* Extra information… not wholly necessary to read, but feel free to carry on *

* I was down blogging at the London Design Festival and changed my train to come back a day earlier than planned. As they announced the tweed ride event date quite late. When it got to the Saturday, I was sitting in the V&A courtyard in the sun & I was kind of regretting my decision to leave a day early. I was almost tempted to wait and take the sleeper I had originally planned back up on the Sunday night. But alas, I made my way to the train station and took the few hours on the train back north to try to regain some energy after a week of dashing round London.

*It seems that things like to break in bundles and after returning home from a holiday to find my boiler blinking, my drains drowning and a few other things astray – It’s fair to say that I wasn’t in the best of moods.
*Cobbled – I like to take photos, but haven’t tried to put a film together for a few years. So this is very much a trial, using the most basic software I-movie. As due to my recent computer crash, I haven’t got the new CS uploaded onto my fresh mac hardrive yet.

5 Responses to “Snapshots of The Harris Tweed Ride in Glasgow 2012”

  1. Hi. I just found your Harris Tweed Ride video on YouTube and shared it on my blog. Love it!

  2. So charming!!

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