A Sunny Cycling Commute


bike, sunset, river, cycling, commute

I think the river Tay has got to be one of the highlights of my commute to work and it is certainly one of my favourite places in Dundee. Tonight it was spectacular. It had been a cold, crisp, sunny day and consequently as the sun was disappearing from the sky, it left a trail of light that reflected beautifully in the water of the silvery Tay. I usually like to mix up my daily route a little – so when the headwind is horrendous or it is pouring with rain, I’ll opt for a shorter route through town. Sometimes I just take a few different turns or trails just for fun. However, on nights like this, I almost always end up by the river and you will see why in the following few photos.

bike, cycling, river, sunset, scotland

Dundee is lucky to have this riverside route; a shared walking and cycling route that detours some of the city streets and takes people from the town centre towards the west. It looks out over the impressive waters of the Tay, which always gives me (and the city) a sense of perspective.

dundee, bridge, river, sunset, cycling, commute

One of the highlights of this route, which is just a few miles long, is the rail bridge that stretches into the water. If there is anyone that reads this… what are the highlights of your commute?

8 Responses to “A Sunny Cycling Commute”

  1. Great photos Hazler, this looks awesome 🙂

  2. Awesome pictures of the Tay. I try to nip into town for commute home if I can as you see that view rather than choked streets and it adds a couple more miles of cycling to journey too.

    • 4 hazler

      Thanks! I was pretty pleased with them, as I only had my phone with me and not my normal camera… but they turned out pretty nice. Yeh going by the riverside is a detour of a mile or two for me, but it’s nice few miles to add to the journey 🙂

  3. Really beautiful!

  4. lovely lovely pictures. there’s a bit where i ride out into the fading darkness at about 6.20am. Then i turn slowly across the countryside before coming back into Bristol and the sun is just rising above the parapet of hedgerows and hills. the ride is suddenly illuminated and I feel the warmth on my face, the entire complexion of the morning changes. then i get to go over the suspension bridge and it never ceases to be a really amazing experience.

    when i get to work it’s always impossible to find the right words to encapsulate why i cycle to work to anyone who has been sat in the car on the m5 for 40 minutes.

    • 8 hazler

      Thank you! So so nice to hear about your early morning commute and what a lovely picture you painted of it…

      Reading that, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be sat in a car – if the alternative is even just a little like what you describe 🙂

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