Reflecting on my Fun a Day project


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I have just realised that I haven’t done a proper update about the Fun a Day project that I completed in January. The concept was simple, Fun a Day Dundee challenged the people of Dundee to do something fun and creative every day in January. I decided that I would get my daily kicks out of cutting out one word a day from a bit of paper – crazy fun! I was not particularly skilled at paper cutting before I started, so was just experimenting really and I tried to only make one attempt at each daily cutting as I didn’t have so much time to spend on it. I then ended up formatting the daily paper cuts into a postcard format with the title ‘A Postcard to Myself’ which is explained a little in the image below.

Picture 7

Now I am reflecting on when I mentioned cycling in my Fun a Day… In January I cycled to work pretty much everyday and yet I didn’t include it in my Fun a Day project that often. I guess, I didn’t do so many long rides and I was busy trying to add a little bit of fun to the dark January days in other ways for the purpose of this project. I wonder if the fact that starting to cycle after a slightly over indulgent festive period and in the cold weather was sometimes not always fun? I remember that on the first week back to work, that commuting up the hill I ride on my way home was much tougher than it had been just a few weeks before…  As this Dreich paper cut that related to my cycling one day may suggest!

dreich, paper cut, art, fun a day

However, actually I remember that the one below did focus on positive bike related experiences. So perhaps, I simply started to focus the fun paper cuts on little elements of the day that were not regular occurrences so that I would remember them. As cycling has become my daily norm and when it is dark/rainy/snowy I tend to stick to more of a routine and just get from a to b. However, the nights are already getting lighter and longer, which normally encourages me to take more imaginative cycle routes home, making them irregular and definitely more fun. Plus the hill I ride up on my way home gets a little easier each day which is great and I must admit that it is really good fun going down it pretty much every morning!

whistle, paper cut, art, fun a day

I made a colourful collection during the month of January. So I would definitely recommend that you try doing a Fun a Day challenge a day dundee

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