An evening mission


dundee, bridge, river, sunset, cycling, commute

The skies were still shining brightly well after dinner this evening, so after the horrendous rain yesterday, I decided to go on a quick evening cycling mission. I had a few aims – to discover a few new quiet streets to cycle along, and to push myself up a few hills and to try shake off the somewhat bad mood that I got into earlier when a bus cut in on me when overtaking*. I think I just about managed all three.

I started off by heading up a slow winding hill behind my house and was pleased to realise that it felt a little easier than the last time I tried it. I then laced in and out of a few more streets only to find myself at a dead end, so I came back the same way and joined the main route again. I did a few loops here and there, then headed down towards the riverside as it is normally good at giving me perspective when I need it. It helped a little, the sunny view of the water stretching out into the distant hills helped to shake my head up a little. I then looped back round again and found myself heading back up another hill, which I had to push on up just a little more. It is really nice to weave around city streets later in the evening whilst the skies are still bright, there is far fewer cars and a strange sense of calm. So hills done, new streets conquered and I think after this little rant/post I will have successfully got rid of my bad mood.

*A bus went to overtake me and then pulled back in far too quickly. Obviously not realising how long they were and by cutting back in, to avoid an oncoming car, they quickly took up all the space I had in the road. I didn’t record it, but if I had it woulda looked a little like this.

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