Life’s a Picnic (on a bicycle)


magazine cuttings

I got a nice surprise when I got home tonight. A small envelope had arrived with these goodies inside. A postcard from a friend to say hello and a few paper cuttings that they thought I might like. One is about a bike related design so I thought I would share it here. It is funny, I am quite the advocate of many digital things. But yet, in the age of endless emails and scrolling through (fascinating, after fascinating) blog posts… it is REALLY nice to get something like this through the post. Plus they are both really cool articles that I probably wouldn’t have stumbled across otherwise and they have subsequently got me thinking about cycling & picnics…

The first article focuses on this fun Bike panier by Jeriël Bobbe (of Bloon Design) called Springtime. As rightly noted by my friend it appeals to both my passions for bikes + design + picnics. Jeriël is currently running a Kickstarter for his Springtime product that he launched last year, and it currently has 19 days to go and he still has a long way to reach his ambitious goal of $85,000!

Picture 46

As ever, when finding things like this. It makes me wonder what other similar products exist in this sphere of luxury/quirky/picnic/design bike products already and instantly this charming design (that did the rounds earlier in the year) sprang to mind. It’s simple elegance being a total winner for bike romantics who long for sunny days and picnics.

I also discovered the work of designer Florike Martens, who has created a slightly more cumbersome, but still stylish mobile kitchen that attaches to your bike! If the plan is to go for a la carte picnic dining or to cook up a storm in al fresco, Florike’s design might be the one for you.

Picture 47

Then last, but not least I spotted this simple design by Pocketo – which harks back to the ultimate original in picnic accessories – the basket- yet adds some handy attachments for handlebar mounting.


Pictured is a recent picnic/bbq that we had at a friend of mines allotment. So yes – hmmm – now I have the inspiration, I think I should have a few more bike picnics this summer… anyone want to join me?

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