I like cycling and I like bikes. So once I started discovering all these cool things regarding bikes online… I thought that this would be as good a place to store them as anywhere else. I am particularly interested in things happening in Scotland or the UK .

(a little background info)

I studied Design at the Glasgow School of Art and I was lucky enough to take two years abroad during this time to study at two amazing schools: KISD in Cologne, Germany and ENSCI in Paris, France. I guess living in both of these places helped foster my love for cycling, as they each have their own unique bike cultures.

After finishing my degree I received a travel scholarship to complete the report titled: An Exploration of the Cycling Culture in Europe. This was great and kept me occupied for a few months in various different countries.

Then I came back to Scotland and for a few years I was working for a social enterprise and charity in Scotland that promoted ‘Living Active’. I have since stumbled back into the cultural sector and I now enjoy encouraging people to go and visit  galleries, museums and the theatre. But I do still like to ride my bicycle and will try to blog about it when possible.

Other things I am doing:

  • Inhabitat – I am a contributing writer on Inhabitat,  a weblog devoted to ‘green’ design, architecture, technology and more…
  • Flickr – I like to take photographs of many things… the things I see, the places I go, and the people I meet.

4 Responses to “Hazler”

  1. 1 halami aman

    very nice blog and interesting articles…
    halami – young architect, kuala lumpur,malaysia.

  2. 2 hazler

    Hi There Halami and Hoodbikes

    Thank you for your comments and thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

  3. Hi, great pictures of the ride……I’ve shared the one showing my “I love Harris Tweed” pin on my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/emmadolan.co.uk …..Emma

  4. G’day from Sydney. I thought you might be interested in some of the gear we make; it’s good looking, easy to wear hi-vis & reflective accessories for people who want to be visible in low light conditions. I wanted to reach you but couldn’t see an email apart from this? Hope to connect.

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