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I saw this on The Chain Gang Girls Blog and thought it was a fun little poster.

Many people who love cycling, often love two things about it: the experience of riding and the beauty of the bicycle structure. A German bike shop in Altlandsberg (near Berlin) has capitalised on this in a recent PR stunt and transformed his shop’s ‘white canvas’ facade into a large-scale bicycle gallery art piece, by mounting 120 bikes […]

The graffiti image above was taken on an Australian Bicycle lane and is so simple, yet incredibly clever and compelling. When put so plainly, it makes you wonder why so many people choose the latter of the two options… The image below ‘Fast Lane Vs Fat Lane’ is quite similar in it’s concept and creation […]

Now to turn the previous post on it’s head! The adverts for the Johnny Loco by the dutch agency New Message Amsterdam have used a fashion type shot to promote their bicycle. The photographs by Rene Kramers are beautiful, as are the models. The focus here is clearly not the bicycle as a sporting instrument, […]

Mainstream culture is adopting bicycles as the new fashion accessory, as can be seen in a host of Fashion Advertisements that have been published in the last year. They may not always promote cycling in the safest manner, but they do promote cycling to a (potentially) new audience, which is good! I am going to start […]

These Hungarian adverts to promote cycling are great fun and certainly made me chuckle. I don’t speak the language, but the second video certainly advocates that cyclists lead more exciting lives!