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I spotted this girl on a London street when I was down last month and I managed to take a quick snap of her impressively bright and coordinated outfit. With yellow shoes, bag and scarf matched with orange trousers and a patterned orange and yellow jacket. She obviously likes bright colours, but whether or not […]

So in case you are not in Scotland right now, you should know that winter is starting to take hold. It always seems to creep up on me and quickly slap me in the face, with it’s startlingly dark nights that start all of a sudden at 4.00pm in the afternoon. AFTERNOON. And then, gone […]

The Harris Tweed Ride took place in Glasgow over a month ago now, so this follow up is now fairly belated. However, in the weeks that followed this true tweed treat of a bicycle ride I was so amused by reading everyone else’s blogposts , flicking through their photos and seeing different aspects of the ride that […]

The Tweed Ride Trend  continues and I just saw a lovely video about a tweed ride in France that made me want to jump back to where I lived in Paris and join in. With the welcome addition of fresh baguettes and I am sure some yummy cheese and wine, their ride looked Tweedtastic. It could […]

I woke up this morning and looked out the window to see that all the snow that arrived last Sunday is still here! Then I remembered about this great wee knit/crochet installation that was spotted on a Bicycle in New York in July. What a way to warm your bicycle up! I guess that it […]

As  a cyclist it is sometimes easy to forget how invisible you are to the passing cars when the skies get dark or the rain comes tumbling down. However, one of the critical things that a cyclist needs to be safe when cycling is to be visible. Luckily, there is a growing number of innovative […]



Tweed + Cyclists  =  a definite trend in 2010! In fact, there will be a huge number of ‘tweed runs’ taking place worldwide this year and it is nice to see that Scotland will also be joining the action with the TweedEcosse. When questioning why they have become popular in what seems to be the short space […]