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Janapar is the Armenian word for journey. Janapar is a also film that launched earlier this week, where Tom Allen tells the story of how he cycled 12,000 miles round the world, with neither maps nor guidebooks, in his quest for freedom and adventure after finishing university. A real adventurer! Although this tells the tale […]

I was lucky to see Mark Beaumont speaking in Dundee last week, when he discussed his incredible travels during  ‘The Man Who Cycled The World‘ and ‘Cycling the Americas’. In 2007/2008 Mark raced 18,296 miles around the world in 194 days 17 hours although he admits that he had never ridden in a race when […]

Two bicycle commuters, Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler, from South Africa started a project only earlier this year titled Bicycle Portraits. However, they already have a stunning set of photographs and are starting to build a picture of who the people are that ride bicycles in South Africa and answer the question of why so […]

These Hungarian adverts to promote cycling are great fun and certainly made me chuckle. I don’t speak the language, but the second video certainly advocates that cyclists lead more exciting lives!