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The #shinealightonmecomp is a small friendly competition that arose from a recent conversation on Twitter and which I thought was an idea worth doing something with. So I thought about it a little more, as can be seen in my  <glowing in the dark post>  where I discussed people who are using reflectives to brighten up their […]

The graffiti image above was taken on an Australian Bicycle lane and is so simple, yet incredibly clever and compelling. When put so plainly, it makes you wonder why so many people choose the latter of the two options… The image below ‘Fast Lane Vs Fat Lane’ is quite similar in it’s concept and creation […]

Pee Wee Herman


A nice bicycle in a poster By Birks and Birks actually discovered that they are linked to this: Artcrank, a showcase of bike related posters. Great stuff.

Trek launched a unique set of bicycles that were auctioned off on the 1st of November to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. In total they had 6 bikes auctioned, which were customised by Kaws, Damien Hirst, Kenny Scharf, Shephard Fairey, Marc Newson and Yoshitomo Nara. A rather dashing set of bikes. My favourite […]