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My friend Kaspar invited me to an ‘Easter Feast’ and with the promise of bicycles, buns and baking… I couldn’t resist. It turned out to be a great little event at the Tayside Recycling Centre, where Fergus Walker had his ‘People Powered Flour Mill‘ in action for the film team from Team Green Britain. There […]

“See how he uses a spanner to tighten that nut!” I recently took part in a fantastic event called the Global Service Jam where alot of designers (+ other people) were working worldwide for one weekend, simply to see what they could do if they all rubbed their heads together a little bit. The theme […]

I just discovered this little video about the The Glasgow Bike Shed and think it is a great way to showcase this Glaswegian Social Enterprise that recycles bikes. The shooting of the video, the nice french accent and the soundtrack all work really well. Another inspiring project which is similar, although with slightly different objectives […]

For some people the concept of a bicycle is changing, due to the introduction of smart bicycle sharing schemes. Users of these bicycle sharing schemes see the bicycle less as a personal possession and more as a system and service, much like the metro or the bus. One viewpoint could be that the there is […]