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I have just realised that I haven’t done a proper update about the Fun a Day project that I completed in January. The concept was simple, Fun a Day Dundee challenged the people of Dundee to do something fun and creative every day in January. I decided that I would get my daily kicks out […]

Sometimes people at work really surprise you and unearth something you didn’t know existed before, you just have to take the time to talk. The other day I had a meeting with one of my colleagues about a project we are working on and he shared with me a little of his families history and […]

This cheery little (well actually reasonably sized) painting greets you as you enter my parents house. I was back visiting this weekend, and it reminded me of how these cheeky cyclists never fail to make me smile. So I thought I would share it and perhaps let it make some other people smile too. We don’t actually […]

the simple act of turning a bicycle wheel can do many wonderous things – on this occasion it brings to life a twisting and turning animation. lovely stuff.

Old bicycle parts have been transformed into Musical Bikes to create an experimental sound installation as part of the Kingston University Degree Show 2010. The spokes of the bicycle wheels have been replaced with string which creates a digital sound when plucked and the musicians simply need to try to keep up with the cyclist onscreen […]



Just a simple post of appreciation for this bicycle poster. It doesn’t say too much and it doesn’t need to. It is by Eleanor Grosch and is part of Poster Caberet’s 2010 Bicycle Print Set and I really like it.

Two bicycle commuters, Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler, from South Africa started a project only earlier this year titled Bicycle Portraits. However, they already have a stunning set of photographs and are starting to build a picture of who the people are that ride bicycles in South Africa and answer the question of why so […]