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I picked up a surprise package today and it truly feels like Christmas has come early. Inside the brown paper packaging was not just one, but two beautiful books – two editions of the Bicycle Portraits books by Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler. I mentioned their project briefly on this blog back in 2010. However, […]

I made a special effort* to join the Harris Tweed Ride this year and I am glad I did. The sun shone, the people pedaled, the banter rolled and I had a positively glorious day out as I slowly drifted through Glasgow amongst this tweedy mass. I tried to take a few snapshots, with no […]

“Bring me Sunshine, in your eyes, Bring me rainbows, from the skies” The skies were bright blue early yesterday morning, but after fixing a puncture and doing a few other things  – I didn’t end up getting out until later in the day. The blue skies where still bright when I left, then they turned […]

Love Cycling and Love the Skyride was the general consensus from most people I saw or spoke to on Sunday at the Skyride in Glasgow.  I made it along in the afternoon; after a nice brunch, managing to borrow a nice bike for the day, fixing a puncture on said borrowed bike and picking up […]

Two bicycle commuters, Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler, from South Africa started a project only earlier this year titled Bicycle Portraits. However, they already have a stunning set of photographs and are starting to build a picture of who the people are that ride bicycles in South Africa and answer the question of why so […]

Now to turn the previous post on it’s head! The adverts for the Johnny Loco by the dutch agency New Message Amsterdam have used a fashion type shot to promote their bicycle. The photographs by Rene Kramers are beautiful, as are the models. The focus here is clearly not the bicycle as a sporting instrument, […]