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Cyclists come in lots of different shapes, sizes and styles and normally I would be the last person to label them. However, as a follow up to my post about Woman Wheelers and some more random Tweets, where I suggested a possible male alternative as #manlymovers. A number of other suggestions arose – these suggestions play a pretty […]

“Bring me Sunshine, in your eyes, Bring me rainbows, from the skies” The skies were bright blue early yesterday morning, but after fixing a puncture and doing a few other things  – I didn’t end up getting out until later in the day. The blue skies where still bright when I left, then they turned […]

The #shinealightonmecomp is a small friendly competition that arose from a recent conversation on Twitter and which I thought was an idea worth doing something with. So I thought about it a little more, as can be seen in my  <glowing in the dark post>  where I discussed people who are using reflectives to brighten up their […]

It seems that ‘Woman Wheelers’ not only have to worry about keeping the wheels turning and keeping up to speed…  there is in fact a whole host of things that we should avoid when on two wheels, ( according to an old newspaper cutting ‘Don’ts For Woman Wheelers’). Magnificent Octopus, aka Kaputniq has begun to transform some of […]

So in case you are not in Scotland right now, you should know that winter is starting to take hold. It always seems to creep up on me and quickly slap me in the face, with it’s startlingly dark nights that start all of a sudden at 4.00pm in the afternoon. AFTERNOON. And then, gone […]

The Harris Tweed Ride took place in Glasgow over a month ago now, so this follow up is now fairly belated. However, in the weeks that followed this true tweed treat of a bicycle ride I was so amused by reading everyone else’s blogposts , flicking through their photos and seeing different aspects of the ride that […]

The Harris Tweed Ride is now pretty much just a week away! I have been following the worldwide phenomenon that is Tweedrides = Dapper Tweed + Bicycles  since I discovered them last year and have just been waiting for one to come to Scotland. So I am starting to get pretty excited about the Harris Tweed Ride in Glasgow next […]