Starting to have ideas for #shinealightonmecomp


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The #shinealightonmecomp is a small friendly competition that arose from a recent conversation on Twitter and which I thought was an idea worth doing something with. So I thought about it a little more, as can be seen in my  <glowing in the dark post>  where I discussed people who are using reflectives to brighten up their night riding in inspiring ways and then I started to think about how I could do it myself. Aided with some friendly Twitter banter <seen below> that discussed the possible addition of ‘categories’ and ‘bonus points’,  I wanted to think up something fun. >> Read more to find out more about the idea

cycling, idea making, twitter, development, bikes, reflectives

So up top is my first idea <Oh! Watt a Light > I am thinking about testing it on one of my older, but still nice Vaude red jackets. It is very much still work in progress and I have tried to keep shapes simple, but I may need to simplify it even more to aid with the cutting stage.

I must admit, that although I like to talk about bikes, I am no expert in drawing them and particularly simplifying them. However, I am happy so far that it combines a. a wee message,  b. a little bit of an idea – the bike light and c. some simple items to cut – the stripes!

I have a few more ideas and I think I will also explore them a little further and then choose one to develop further and ultimately cut up.

I am looking forward to seeing @cocteautriplets ideas, he is more of a master of illustration than  I, so I wonder what bright ideas he will have…. <challenge!>

However, I would also encourage anyone else that has some spare time and some scissors, reflectives and even the most simple ideas to get thinking of something fun and join the #shinealightonmecomp  and let us see the results.


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